Nat’l organic standard consultation begins

15 May 2018

“In New Zealand there are a range of voluntary standards that organic producers can choose from to label their food ‘organic’,”  he says. “Officials have advised that a single set of rules may help boost consumer confidence in organic products and place our organics regulatory system on the same footing as many other countries – potentially growing market access for organic products.  

“The organics industry is a passionate one that offers consumers a valuable product backed by a brand focused on sustainable use of our natural resources. 

“Productive growth for our primary industries is about getting more from what we do now – not just doing more.”

O’Connor says that the consultation launched gives producers and consumers a say on whether New Zealand needs a single set of rules for organics production, what that may look like and what costs or other factors need to be considered. 

“The Ministry for Primary Industries will seek views from producers, consumers, processors, retailers, importers, exporters and the public through meetings and online.”

Submissions should be sent via e-mail by 5.00 pm on 11 June. 

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Source: NZ Government