Namalu to bring range of flavoured coffees

7 March 2018
Grower News

Lae, Morobe Province-based Namalu Coffee will showcase these and its entire range of flavoured coffees besides pure full flavoured, pure rich roasted ground coffee at the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) NZ Pasifika Business Market at the Pasifika Festival on March 24-25.

Namalu Coffee, whose representatives have attended the PTI Path to Market programme in PNG, already exports coffee outside PNG, besides distributing within the country.

Company Secretary Elaine Amos, who has attended the programme, will represent the company along with Owner Amos Jack Timothy at their booth in the Pasifika Business Market.

Describing Namalu Coffee, Amos says, “The Coffee we will offer is typical Arabica beans and have naturally lower levels of caffeine. Many of the trees grown in PNG were originally grown from Blue Mountain Coffee Beans. This means higher quality coffee with rich aroma and taste; a delightful smooth taste. The coffee is exceptionally low-acid and richly aromatic.”

Among the products that Namalu will display are Blue Mountain Medium Roast (Ground/Bean); Espresso Dark Roast (Ground/Bean); Vanilla Hazelnut Medium/Light Roast Flavoured Coffee (Ground/Bean); Caramel Medium/Light Roast Flavoured Coffee (Ground/Bean); Irish Cream Medium/Light Roast Flavoured Coffee (Ground/Bean) and Coconut Medium/Light Roast Flavoured Coffee (Ground/Bean).

Amos says she is looking forward to Namalu’s participation at Pasifika as part of the next stage of the Path to Market programme. “The Participation will give us more opportunities to learn about the competition and the market in general, the tradeshow will offer a great platform for Namalu Coffee to introduce their goods to the Market.

“We are looking forward to gaining knowledge and exposure to new trends, products and resources. I am sure our participation will stimulate new Ideas and creative ways to support the business. We would love to meet other retailers and vendors from whom we can learn and possibly gain business from them,” Amos said.

She believes the Pasifika Business Market will provide opportunities for buyers and sellers to interact with each other on the same platform. “The role PTI is playing is really important for all Pacific Islands as a whole, because this will economically develop and promote Pacific Islands exports, investments, tourism and creating international markets.”

Source; PTI