Murray Valley fruit fly workshop creates buzz

22 December 2017
Grower News

Participants heard from other growers about how they treat fruit fly on their own properties and good discussions were generated about the type of equipment used, baiting rates and frequencies.

John Hederics from Belah Heights demonstrated their fruit fly spray unit and Steve Falivene, Citrus Development Officer from NSW Department of Primary Industries, demonstrated various fruit fly traps and baits to growers. The key message was that best way to control fruit fly on farm is by regular bait spraying commencing in spring.

Chairman of the MVRAC David Stevens said controlling fruit fly was particularly important to the citrus and to table grapes industries because both were heavily export-focused. “It’s very important to us that we don’t get a detection of fruit fly overseas.

“Growers are aware of the risks of fruit fly and that they have to do something to help control it, but there are so many options that they’re confused as to what to do.

The workshop was effective in showing methods growers are actually using.

“We want to give growers a clear message that they must do something, because fruit fly cost could the industry so much,” Stevens said.

Source: Citrus Australia