Reminder to look out for anything unusual

23 March 2018
Grower News

KVH and Zespri said that they are working closely with a small number of growers in Northland (as well as with research experts) who have reported low levels of damage to some of their fruit, to learn more about what’s happening to the fruit itself and what’s been seen on the affected orchards.

Most of the damaged kiwifruit is being found on edge rows in blocks and includes very small pinprick sized holes on the fruit. The area around the hole can be slightly darker or slightly depressed. There is often a small white deposit near the holes, which can be easily brushed off. 

Growers have told KVH they’ve seen the same symptoms at this time of the year in the past – especially the white exudate – so the recent warm, wet and humid weather conditions (typical of the season) are a timely reminder to be on the lookout.

KVH said it is keen to hear from any grower that may have similar symptoms so that it can learn more about where and when fruit is being affected.

If you spot anything similar let your postharvest company know, take a photo and report it to KVH by emailing or phone 0800 665 825.

Source: KVH