Modernising Australia’s ag statistics

2 March 2018
Grower News

ABARES Executive Director, Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds, said the Roadmap to improve the agricultural statistics system has been developed to deliver an enhanced and modernised agricultural data collection system.

“It will better support the agriculture sector by improving access to current, accurate and concise information so farmers, industry and government can best prepare for any future challenges. The roadmap will assist the agriculture industry to guide and coordinate the longer term changes required to deliver a modernised agricultural statistics system. With farmers working with RDCs and industry bodies, we will ensure the collection of data is streamlined, useful and fit-for-purpose.

“Industry, government and other stakeholders have been using the current system for more than a century; we need a system which uses modern data collection methods which continues to support the best possible on-farm, industry and policy decisions.

“This continues the work we have undertaken to improve access to agricultural data, including the land use mapping information we updated last year to show how Australia’s landscape is being used. 

“This comprehensive land mapping data covers over 585 million hectares, or 76 percent of Australia, and is the best available. Electronic data systems like the agricultural statistics system and land mapping information are critical tools for assisting producers prepare and plan for the future.”

The Roadmap to improve the agricultural statistics system was developed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Further information is available about the Roadmap to improve the agricultural statistics system and land mapping data.

Source: ABARES