Invitation for submissions to reduce red tape

14 May 2018
Grower News

The review will identify the issues faced by farmers to find solutions to those while maintaining the high environmental standards Australia is renowned for and will be presented to the government in mid-2018.
Written submissions from farmers and any interested stakeholders are invite to inform the review of how the farmers interact with the EPBC Act, particularly as it relates to:

  • Helping farmers understand when their activity does (or does not) require referral, assessment or approval under the EPBC Act;
  • Ensuring environmental regulation is applied to farmers in a practical way, considering on-ground farming practices and minimising any duplication or conflict with state or local laws;
  • Examining how farmers are informed and able to participate in the listing process for species and ecological communities, and the implications for them when a listing occurs. 

 A briefing paper has been prepared to inform stakeholders of the purpose, scope and timing of the review. It provides information on the methods, and issues submissions may wish to consider.

those interested in being kept informed about the Review can register their interest by sending an email to Aither consultancy via e-mail.

Source: Flower Association