Search on affordable ecolabel for Aussie flower industry

8 January 2018
Grower News

An affordable ecolabel for the local flower industry is needed because:

  • The industry faces increasing competition from foreign imports;
  • Concern about the health of Australia’s environment is growing locally and overseas;
  • In response to these challenges flower growers around the world are signing up to ecolabels;
  • An ecolabel shows in one logo that a business has been audited to certain social, environmental and traceability standards.

The survey will only take a few minutes and responses will remain anonymous. 

To access the survey click on the appropriate link below:
Ecolabel survey - Retailers, Traders, Exporters:
Ecolabel survey - Growers, Wild harvesters:
Those who have any questions regarding this survey please contact Emily Rigby, Research Manager at Cedar Hill Flowers & Foliage.

Source: Flower Association of Queensland