High alert after stink bugs sent packing

14 February 2018

The industry body says that the vessel had come from Japan, where both BMSB and YSSB are native. Due to the number of bugs found, the vessel was directed to halt unloading and re-ship the goods for treatment offshore before they would be allowed into New Zealand.

A number of large pieces of machinery that had already been off-loaded and couldn’t be re-loaded were treated onshore.

Over the weekend, MPI dealt with another car carrier from Japan on which dead BMSB, live YSSB, and other regulated pests were detected. MPI had not allowed any vehicles to discharge, and the vessel was sealed, treated with knock-down gas, and turned around and asked to leave New Zealand waters.
Horticulture New Zealand says it is working closely with MPI and other industry bodies to prepare for BMSB, a significant horticultural pest, and is highly supportive of MPI’s active approach to managing this biosecurity threat.

It adds that these ongoing detections of various unwanted stink bugs are a timely reminder of the need to remain vigilant to the presence of stink bugs, and to report anything unusual. 

Landcare Research has this useful reference page.

Source: HortNZ